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Free Subdomain - 

Detailed Info    


    We pay you money when our banner is clicked and a visitor is sent to our web site. You will get US$ 0.07~0.20 for each visitor.

    Clickthru Program

    If you join our clickthru program, you will receive our banner and code. And you can simply paste it to your web pages. After that, clickthru program will work.

    There are currently 5 levels for members in this clickthru program.

    7 cents per click: There is no requirement of quality. Every site is O.K.
    9 cents per click: Quality content, or Nice look and design, or Root domain URL (ex:
    12 cents per click: High quality content and professional design, or Business level site, or Love and Dating related site.
    15 cents per click: Perfume or fashion related site.
    (ex: perfume guide, fragrance info, fashion style, etc)
    20 cents per click: Shopping mall, or Pheromone related site.
    (ex: online shop, pheromone guide, etc)

    We count 1 click per 1 unique ip which is passed through an entrance page(a gate) within 24 hours. That is to avoid cheating clicks.


    You can earn money from referring other webmasters about our clickthru program. We will pay you a 10% referral bonus for each of your referral's income.

    10% Refferal Bonus

    If you tell your friends about our programs on your homepage, they will click your banner link and register in our program. Then, our program track it and the referral program works automatically. If you refer webmasters, you will be able to earn unlimited profit based on the number of referrals you introduced us. Indeed, many webmasters earn a lot of money by referral program.

    Earlier starting makes more referrals!

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