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Clickthru FAQs    

How much money can I make?
FIORAmall pays you US$ 0.07~0.20 for every valid unique visitor.
There are currently 5 levels for members in this clickthru program.

7 cents per click: There is no requirement of quality. Every site is O.K.
9 cents per click: Quality content, or Nice look and design, or Root domain URL (ex:
12 cents per click: High quality content and professional design, or Business level site, or Love and Dating related site.
15 cents per click: Perfume or fashion related site.
(ex: perfume guide, fragrance info, fashion style, etc)
20 cents per click: Shopping mall, or Pheromone related site.
(ex: online shop, pheromone guide, etc)

How often do I get paid ? and What's the minimum payment?
Checks are mailed every 5th of the month. Minimum payment is US$ 50 due to high check fees. If your earnings are below US$ 50, they will be carried forward to the next pay period.

How to earn more money?
1. To make more visitors, place the banner code at the top of the page. Meaning a visitor to your website should not have to scroll down to see our banner.
2. You can earn money from referring other members. You are paid 10% of all referred webmaster's earnings.

How do I check the amount of clicks I have sent?
All kinds of Stats can be checked after you login as a member. All stats are in real-time. No delays in accessing your stats.

I clicked the banners many times. But the stats shows only 1 click. Why?
That is why we count 1 click per 1 unique ip within 24 hours. And the click is to pass through an entrance page(a gate). It is to prevent cheating clicks.

Can I place the banner code in spam mail, news Group or bulletin board for promotion?
Absolutely no spams on the search engines, news groups or mailing lists. Spamming will be cause for legal action. Furthermore, FIORAmall will not pay for any of the acquisitions listed on that Host site.
FIORAmall reserves the right to terminate a host's account at any time due to fraudulent activities without any prior notification.

Can I have more than one account if I have more than one web site?
You don't need two accounts for multiple sites. All you have to do is copy and paste the link code to other sites.

Can I register under my member ID as a referral?
Originally a purpose of Referral system is to promote our clickthru programs to other webmasters. So, we don't accept re-register as a referral.

Do you accept warez, crack, password trading sites?
We do not encourage warez sites nor do we prohibit it. However we reserve the right to terminate any warez sites. Password trading sites, crack sites and non English sites are strictly prohibited.

In which case will you deny registration?
We can deny following web sites.
  • The Web site which is not made yet or has contents of very low quality.
  • The Web site which is not appropriate for our banner ads in our opinion.
  • Non english site.

  • In which case will you deny payment of earnings from ads?
    We don't pay the money in following cases.
  • If you change the banner codes or images.
  • If you promote our banners in spam email, bulletin board or News Groups.
  • If you make cheated clicks as floating window, pop-up window, hidden frame, auto refresh, etc.
  • If the clicks are from click group or incentive(reward) clicks.
  • If you lead our click ads unjustly.
  • If the clicks are from non english page or site.
  • Every case you don't comply with our terms.

  • How do I change my personal and payment information?
    Login to your member's page and click on "Update your Info". All changes will take in effect soon.

    Do you shave?
    No! We believe in honesty and integrity and we want a long term business relationship based on mutual benefits. We welcome you to track your own hits and match the numbers with ours.

    I need help!
    We are always eager to assist you in any way we can. End your questions by e-mail to All questions are to be answered kindly.

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