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FIORAmall Clickthru Program
  Then, make money with our clickthru program!

You will get extra money on your homepage and if you refer other webmasters, you will earn 10% bonus based on the profits of referrals you introduced us.


Our clickthru program is stable and you can advance this program for long time. We are not unstable like other sponsors.
10% referral bonus system will give you another stable income if you make many referrals.
We are a trustworthy sponsor! You can check out your income perfectly at any time.


    The earning period is every month. Checks are mailed every 5th of next month when the amount of earning is over than US$ 50.
    And when your earning is below US$ 50, it will be carried forward to the next earning period.


  • If you are registered as our member, we will send you an e-mail of registration confirmation in 24~48 hours.
  • After receiving the email, you can start the advertising instantly.
  • You can view the banners and link codes after log in.

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