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[11 NEWS] Special Report: Can Scientific Breakthrough Make You Irresistible?
Result: 9 of 10 women felt nice to man wearing concentrated pheromone.
11 NEWS - Special Report about Pheromone

The Australian organization, Bennett Research, conducted a survey of 306 men using pheromones. 90% of them claimed that the product had increased their attractiveness to women. Increased response from women was measured by:
Making conversation - 61%
Starting up a conversation - 52%
Expressing an interest in the man - 43%
Being responsive to him - 40%
Paying unsolicited compliments - 36%
Overt flirting - 34%
Love making perfume - FIORA
A significant measure was a big increase in physical response by women - brushing against the pheromone wearers (31%), touching them (30%), becoming sexually excited (18%), expressing a desire for sex (17%), and actually having sex with them (16%).

One survey participant described his experience: "One night in a bar a woman walked past me and looked at me. The second time she walked past she came straight to me, said hello, started talking to me and I was very surprised when she grabbed hold of my hands and gave me a kiss on the lips."
* Source: "Sexual Magnetism" (Urban Male Magazine, Winter 2001)         

Love making perfume - FIORA Scientists at San Francisco State University conclude that women who wore perfume with synthesized female pheromone were more attractive to their male partners.
They recruited 36 women between the ages of 19 and 48 years old for the research. And the study found that women who had pheromone added to their perfume reported a more than 74% increase in sexual attention from men: they were involved in more sexual intercourse, kissing, heavy petting, affection, sleeping next to their partner, and formal dates with men.
Women wearing perfume with a placebo also experienced an increase in these activities, though not as great as the pheromone group. The most highly significant difference between the placebo and the pheromone group was actually sexual intercourse.
"This affects male behavior and makes the women attractive. It is a biological signal to a man that suggests that this woman can reproduce and he responds with romantic behavior related to securing intimate relations with her." said research author Norma McCoy, a professor at San Francisco State University.
"This is not a smell one can detect. Neither the man not the woman is aware of it, but it's very powerful."
* Source: "That old pheromone magic" (The Examiner, March 20, 2002)         

This study tested whether synthesized human male pheromones increase the sociosexual behavior of men. Thirty-eight heterosexual men, ages 26-42, completed a 2-week baseline period and 6-week placebo-controlled, double-blind trial testing a pheromone "designed to improve the romance in their lives."
Each subject kept daily behavioral records for 6 sociosexual behaviors: petting/affection/kissing, formal dates, informal dates, sleeping next to a romantic partner, sexual intercourse, and self-stimulation to ejaculation and FAXed them each week.
Significantly pheromone users increased above baseline in sexual intercourse and sleeping with a romantic partner. There was a tendency for pheromone users to increase above baseline in petting/affection/kissing, and informal dates, but not in self-stimulation to ejaculation or in formal dates.
A significantly larger proportion of pheromone users than placebo significantly increased in sociosexual behaviors involving a female partner.

Thus, there was a significant increase in male sociosexual behaviors in which a woman's sexual interest and cooperation plays a role.
These initial data show that human male pheromones affected the sexual attractiveness of men to women.
* Source: "Pheromonal influences on sociosexual behavior in men."          
(Arch Sex Behav, 27(1):1-13 1998 Feb)            

One week the volunteers wore a pheromone, the other a placebo, but they didn't know which they were wearing at the time. On both nights the volunteers wore the same clothes, ate the same food and drank the same quantities of the same drinks. To render the experiment completely objective, each was accompanied by a minder who nominated the chat-up line and, as important, the person who was subjected to it.

The Pheromone: A male pheromone (designed to attract women), smells like cologne. The placebo was cologne.

Scoring: Points were awarded for response to the volunteers' approaches: positive points for a positive response, negative ones for a haddock round the cheek. A mild positive response such as a smile got 10 points, while leaving with someone scored the full 100 points (and some hot action). On the downside, being ignored lost you only 10 points, but being thrown out and barred earned you a hefty maximum fine of 100 points.

Results: Total scores for all four volunteers, followed by the improvement the pheromone made on their scoring action:

CONCLUSION: The results speak clearly for themselves !!

Chat-up Line Placebo Score Pheromone Score Improvement Factor
If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? 16 135 +840%
Where have you been all my life? 20 154 +770%
Do you believe in love at first sight? 21 60 +290%
Can I just check something? (Look at victim's label) Oh I could have sworn you were made in heaven. 40 100 +250%
* Source: "Do pheromone get the girl?" (MAXIM, January 1997)         

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