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Popular Favor.
FIORA may be one of the most popular items in the markets because of its special concept. The fragrance is designed to attract the opposite sexes with the human pheromone.
It brings improved love and romance to the customers and so FIORA perfume is in great favor by many people worldwide.

Maximized Value of Perfume.
The essential purpose of a perfume is to make one's fascination enhanced. FIORA perfume contains human pheromones, strong attraction fragrances, and so it increase human's attractiveness and sex appeal extremely high.
By this point, FIORA perfume has about double value in comparison with other perfumes. Because it has both side of high quality perfume and premium human pheromone.

Excellent Quality and Design.
A good perfume must be an art itself under its special concept.
The quality of FIORA is surely top class as below factors.
  • Premium human pheromone.
  • High quality fragrance.
  • Refined and deluxe style.
  • Designed by Anthony, a professional designer.


      Current Market
         -. Relatively wide range customers.
         -. The consumer preferences are apparently increasing.
         -. The market volume continues to show the steady extension.

      Vision of FIORA
         -. Develop various kinds of perfumes and distinctive qualities.
         -. Settlement of the FIORA as a top premium and artistic brand.
         -. Necessary item for a stylish and romantic life in modern trend.


      Any inquiry regarding FIORA products and all questions are welcomed.
      We are so flexible and think everything affirmatively.
      Please feel free to contact us if you need any info or any question.
      We will kindly answer about your inquiry.

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       -. Tel : +82-2-3143-4400 (Rep.)
       -. FAX : +82-2-3413-3889

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